David Puth: Robin Hood Foundation Committed to Long-Term Storm Recovery

Long involved in non-profit endeavors in New York and Boston, David Puth has served as a board member of the Robin Hood Foundation since 1998. In that time, Puth has worked to advance the initiatives of the group, one of the world’s largest poverty-fighting organizations. After providing more than $45 million in grants to organizations that offered assistance during the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the Robin Hood Foundation now is entering the second phase of its hurricane recovery assistance by providing grants to organizations and businesses that are rebuilding hurricane-damaged locations.

Several initiatives funded by Robin Hood grants have already been announced. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg unveiled a new program in January to help property owners deal with mold and water damage caused by the storm. Included in the plan is a $15 million program funded in part by the Robin Hood Foundation that will remove mold at no cost from 2,000 houses in hard-hit communities. A $10,000 grant from the Robin Hood Foundation recently helped fund the restoration and refurbishing of a thrift store in Long Branch, New Jersey, that provides revenue for the non-profit organization Family & Children’s Services.


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