About David Puth

Financial professional David Puth began his career at the New England Merchants Bank in Boston after graduating from Tufts University in 1979. Working first in interest rate management and in foreign exchange, David Puth spent four years with the company before joining Citicorp in New York City in 1984.David Puth served for four years at Citicorp and then accepted a position at Chemical Bank as Head of the North American Foreign Exchange Trading, Sales and Research businesses. In 1994, Chemical Bank expanded his responsibilities to include oversight of the Capital Markets Investment Program, the bank’s vehicle for investing proprietary capital with investment managers and hedge funds. The business eventually became part of JPMorgan’s private equity business and then merged with Arden Asset Management in 2009.Mr. Puth’s responsibilities expanded further in 1996 at the time of the merger between Chemical Bank and Chase Manhattan Bank. Following the merger, he was named Head of North American Interest Rate Derivative Trading and Sales, in addition to his ongoing responsibilities as Head of the foreign exchange businesses. He retained these responsibilities through the time of the merger with JPMorgan in 2000 until 2002, when he earned a promotion to Global Head of Currencies and Commodities. At JPMorgan Chase, he delivered revenue growth rates that exceeded 20 percent on an annual basis. During his tenure, JPMorgan became one of the world’s largest and most profitable participants in the global currency and commodities businesses. He was named to the JPMorgan Chase Executive Committee in 2004.In 2006, Mr. Puth added the Global Emerging Markets business to his portfolio of management responsibilities. JPMorgan operated trading and sales businesses in over 20 countries throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Americas. In 2007, David Puth left JPMorgan Chase in to found The Eriska Group, a risk management consultancy business. During this time, he also served as a senior advisor and Board Member of J.H. Whitney Investment Management.

In 2008, he joined State Street Corporation in Boston as Head of Global Markets and as a member of the bank’s 12-person Management Committee. At State Street, David Puth oversaw four major lines of business with 1,300 employees in 14 countries. He also worked extensively with the company’s clients, including asset owners, asset managers, and hedge funds.

David Puth is a Boston-based financial professional.


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